Housekeeping Service

Ironing serviceironing 3

Washing and ironing are right at the top of many people’s lists of their most hated domestic chores, so why not find an experienced person to take care of it for you. Whether it’s your whole week’s ironing or just a few shirts, we will make it ready for you. We provide a number of different ironing services to suit your specific needs. In combination with the residential cleaning, the ironing service can be completed at your residence. You can also choose the option of picking up and returning, which means we will pick up your laundry at your home or office and return at an agreed time.


Gardening service

Grass cutting


If you want NewSun to take care of your garden, we would be more than happy to do it. We work with a reliable network of gardeners and can assist you with any requirements you may have.


Residential check-up servicehouse check up 1

If you cannot find anyone to take care of your house when you are away for short business trip or long vocation, we can be a trustful assistance. With our Residential check-up service, our people are on hand to ensure your household is taken care of when you are in absence. Our check-up includes regular visit of property, watering plants, sorting mail, laundry, maintained cleaning, grocery shopping & delivery, and other specific check-up as you require.