Residential Cleaning

Each home cleaning is unique. That’s why NewSun residential cleaning services are customized to meet your cleaning needs. We take extra care in personalizing our cleaning services for each household. We will listen to all of your needs, and build a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, home cleaning schedule at your request. Free in-home consultations help us to understand your expectations of our household cleaning service. We understand you have different needs and we take extra care in personalizing our cleaning services for each household.


Regular cleaning

regular cleaning 1

Nowadays to have a regular cleaning is not a luxury, but necessity and convenience for your private house or home-office. Our regular services are carrying out with accuracy and professional touch, so that we could best meet your cleaning demands. Our regular cleaning service is available on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, at a specified day and time. The sessions usually take a couple of hours, depending on the size of your property and its initial condition. If you never had a regular cleaning before, we would recommend you to start up with a one off deep cleaning and from then on continue with your scheduled cleaning. Our aim is to assure you that your house will be spotlessly clean all year round. We expect you to provide basic supplies for hygiene purposes, such as vacuum cleaner, mop and squeeze bucket, cloths and detergents for different surfaces. House Cleaning Services is here to make your life easier, so leave your regular house cleaning in our skilled hands.


Move-in / Move-out cleaning

movein moveout clenaing 2


Moving out and respectively moving in a private house is always accompanied with a lot of stress. You must pack and remove all your luggage and furniture and clean the property to its pristine state. You could save yourself at least half of the efforts by calling us for professional move-in / move-out cleaning service. Our cleaners are very experienced and you will assess their skills when you see the house sparkling clean.



Big (deep) cleaning

deep clenaing

One off deep cleaning service is perfect for scrub-up of your house when you want it sparkling clean. It could be traditional spring clean, or any time of the year if you need to prepare your home for special occasion. Our dynamic cleaning team will transform your house into the spick and span living space you need. Regular dusting and vacuuming is enough for tidying up, but periodical thorough cleaning ensures your property higher level of hygiene. We will degrease the kitchen appliances, sanitize the bathrooms and toilets and clean any neglected or hard to reach area.


Spring cleaning

spring-cleaning1The so called spring cleaning is actually thorough cleaning of your private home, which every household needs every so often. We used to called it spring cleaning, because usually we freshen the in- door environment after the winter closure. This kind of cleaning is part of our one off deep cleaning. Every corner of your house will be carefully deep cleaned, until every room becomes sparkling and fresh. Spring cleaning includes some heavy cleaning jobs, which take more effort and time. Our cleaners are very experienced and organized, so they are able to get the job done in no time.


After-party cleaning

after party 2

Having a party could not be so enjoyable if you are the hostess and have to organize it. In a matter of fact the after party cleaning is that daunting task that is so exhausting. Best way to handle with all the mess is to hire professional cleaners who will clean your private home in organized manner until you take a rest. Be it a small gathering at your house, or big corporate event at the office we have the manpower and a serious attitude to clean up everything fast and efficiently. We will do whatever it takes to clean and sanitize your all premises affected by the celebrating without to miss a spot. We will gather the garbage, vacuum and mop the floors, dust and polish the tables, worktops and any other surfaces, scrub the kitchen appliances, wash the dishes and glasses, clean and disinfect toilets and bathrooms. After party cleaning will make your house or work place look spick and span again.


After construction/renovation cleaning

renovation clenaing 2


Cleaning after construction or renovation is tiresome and time consuming task. It could take days till you manage to clean every room of your private house completely. If you wish that there would be no sign of after construction leftovers, get in touch with us and our cleaning operatives will make your living or working space flawlessly neat and clean.