How does it work?

1. Your application for our cleaning service

We receive your request either by phone, by email or completed online inquiry. Your information and contact details will be required at this stage.

2. Home assessment

We will make an appointment with you to visit your house. During the visit, you will have the opportunity to ask us questions, whilst we prepare your personalised cleaning routine and give you estimation based on the assessment of your house. Some companies will provide estimation and quotation online or by e-mail, but we feel that the job in hand is so important to your satisfaction and our service aims, that to cut corners from the initial enquiry will not enable us to give you 100% service satisfaction.

3. Confirmation of cleaning schedule

We will send you a confirmation e-mail including the hours of cleaning, time of cleaning, day of cleaning, frequency of cleaning, time of the first cleaning, and still anything important for you to know.

4. Cleaning starts

At the agreed day and time, we will go to clean your house. Have no ideas what to clean? Check out our House Cleaning Checklist to have an overview of the cleaning at each area of your house. Choose what you would like us to clean and let us know.

(*right-click the image below and choose ‘open link in new tab’ to view the checklists in full size)